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Betty Moxon

Betty Moxon

Care for Health keep me moving, says Betty Moxon, an avid walker from Elstead.

Betty has had knee problems since her 30s. Along with her family, she has been benefiting from chiropractic for many years.

I started coming to Care for Health just after I had a hip replacement in 2011 because of the excellent care my son was receiving, Betty explains.

Less than a year after her surgery, Betty completed the 200-mile coast-to-coast walk across Cumbria and Yorkshire. "Thanks to Care for Health I was going up hill, down dale and over stile in no time, it really was amazing."

Betty continues to attend Care for Health twice a month. I need that on-going maintenance, she says. Each visit involves a session of Sports Therapy, followed by a chiropractic adjustment. She benefits from the Wellness Programme which keeps the costs down for people who want regular sessions.

I have a tailored programme which includes orthotics. It keeps my knees aligned and maintains my strength.

When my GP told me I had knock knees at 30 he said I'd just have to learn to live with it. But now I know that's just not true.

Joanne De Abreu

Joanne De Abreu

Joanne De Abreu, from Reigate first came to Care for Health for orthotics. I was having a terrible time finding a pair of walking shoes that were comfortable and didn't rub. Eventually, one shoe shop suggested Care for Health might be able to help.

At the time of her fitting, Joanne was suffering with a migraine. I had been getting them a couple of times a month. When I mentioned it, the chiropractor offered to look at the back of my neck. As he started to prod I nearly went through the roof! But he said he could help me.

Joanne began a programme of adjustments and within six weeks her migraines had gone. Since then she has been having regular adjustments. She has only had one reoccurrence in the last three or four years.

The migraines were having a terrible effect on my life. I think people thought I was naturally grumpy! But I would get a terrible pain across my face and head, and disturbed vision which meant I often couldn't drive.

My doctor was only able to offer me a choice of pills to manage my migraines. But I've realised it's important sometimes to step back from the medical mindset and think differently about what the causes might be.

Jenny George

Jenny George

Jenny George (one of our most smiley patients) came to us after having had a bad fall and began a course of care culminating in many significant lifelong health changes.

I've become more aware of my body and wish I knew all of this years ago!

Jenny started treatment and from the beginning diligently embraced each step, that both the Chiropractor and Sport Therapist set out for her. By keeping all of her Chiropractic appointments, getting Orthotics, doing all the exercises the Sport Therapist suggested and working with our Nutritionist (which led to significant weight loss) Jenny was able to make positive changes to her health and wellbeing. Her Doctors previously had only offered more and more medication.

She offered the following accomplishments since her treatment:

  • I never resort to medication, I just come to Care for Health and get adjusted and do the treatment they suggest.
  • I have found that whatever the chiropractor does to my nerves relieves the problems I had and don't take any other medications.
  • I noticed I don't get colds or sore throats anymore.
  • My stamina is better.
  • My sleep is better.
  • My balance is better.
  • I'm a more positive person and can deal with stress better.
  • I go DO things.
  • I have more confidence.
  • I've gone back to interests I once had like art, lace making and calligraphy.

...and her final thought...

My kids have seen what affect it's had on me and in many ways they don't worry about me now.