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Couch Potatoes Beware!!!

October 6th 2016
Couch Potatoes

Did you know that more than 2 hours of continuous sitting is considered a mild spinal strain? Long hours of sitting can jeopardize the lumbar spine and can even be felt up in the neck. Pain is felt as a result of the curves in your spine straightening, deforming and damaging the ligaments and discs in your spine which are meant for support.

Normal spinal curves provide up to 21 times more strength to your spine when in proper position. As the curves in your spine are lost, a process of “wear and tear” begins; the onset of degenerative osteoarthritis . Tension builds up in the spinal cord and the pain worsens; a ticking time bomb that becomes more easily triggered by the physical and emotional stresses in your life. This curve loss in the spine is considered a misalignment. Spinal misalignments are hazardous because they directly cause degeneration in your spine and place endangering stress on your nervous system. This pressure on the nervous system can then have far reaching effects on overall health.

Many things can cause spinal misalignments, most notably falls and accidents. Long periods of sitting is becoming more commonplace in today’s age and is directly linked to misalignments and back pain. Unfortunately, this process begins all too early in life. So maybe it’s time to ask: How many hours a day does your child sit in school? How many hours a day do you sit? Back pain usually strikes well after the problem first began. Misalignments do not correct themselves once present, they only weaken and worsen with time. Remember: “Procrastination is an arthritic’s best friend”.

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