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Marathon Training Update!

January 23rd 2017
Marathon Training

So, I am now a little over 5 weeks into my marathon schedule and I am pleased to say everything is going pretty well! Mid week running is now ‘normal’ and I have finally adjusted to the winter temperatures (with my long leggings, buff and gloves on)! I have been lucky enough to have some support on some of my runs, so a special thanks goes to Laura, Cathi, my parents and my other half James. It is so good having company, the time goes quicker and you are pushed a bit harder.

This Saturday I completed my longest distance to date, 10 miles. I was pretty nervous; I haven’t run that far for years! However, I have been sticking rigorously to my training program, so I was pretty confident I would make it. Also, with the help of my colleagues I have been having regular massage and chiropractic care to keep me going and so I am currently injury free and feel fitter than ever.

Marathon Training

On the day of the run it was one of the coldest days so far this year with temperatures well below 0 deg, but the sun was shining and it was beautiful! I pondered over which route to run and decided the pavements would be too slippy, so I went along to Odiham and ran along the river. It was great because it was flat, quiet and not slippy and I could enjoy being surrounded by nature. I finished under 2 hours which I was pleased with but my legs felt very tired! After a good stretch and hot shower I had the afternoon to rest up!

Marathon Training

QUOTE OF THE RUN: “If you don’t dare to begin, you don’t stand a chance of getting there”

This week is is a step back week so not as far to go on my long run which means I am confident about the distance… just have to decide where to go!

I will update you in a couple of weeks. In the mean time if you or anyone you know is running a marathon and need our help please contact us on 01483 425544.

If you would like to sponsor me I am raising money for Spinal Research who fund vital research into spinal chord injury. Please click the link below:

Thanks so much

Bridget Higgs