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What is Tennis Elbow?

July 13th 2017
Tennis Elbow

As summer is now upon us and with Wimbledon in full swing ‘Tennis elbow’ (Extensor Tendonopathy) is often a topic for conversation. This is a common injury to the muscles in the forearm in association with any activity involving repeated wrist extension. The condition is common in tennis, badminton and squash as well as activities such as bricklaying, sewing and knitting.

Often pain occurs on the outside of the elbow 24-72 hrs after unaccustomed activity involving repeated wrist extension. With tennis it may occur if you have changed racket, play with wet heavy balls or simply hit into the wind. It can also arise from a single instance of exertion involving the wrist for example a tennis player hitting a hard backhand where the forearm has been overloaded and the trunk and legs not engaged correctly.

The condition arises due to microscopic tears within the tendon. Treatment at Care for Health involves a combination of: massage, stretching, strengthening and increasing neck mobility.

If you are struggling with elbow pain this season, please contact us on 01483 425544 or email enquiries@care-for-health.co.uk to book a appointment.

In the mean time, please try the stretch below to keep on top of tight forearms:

With a straight arm use the opposite hand to pull your wrist towards you so that you feel stretch along the forearm. You can rotate your wrist inwards and outwards in order to feel the stretch on the inside and outside of forearm. Hold each stretch for 30s and then repeat x 2, 2-3 x daily.