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STRESS – Part One

April 7th 2020

It sounds harsh but it’s true…

Last week was a strange and frantic week.

As a practice we started the week with a clear goal of working through until Thursday, when I was due to take holiday anyway. As the hours (and sometimes even minutes) ticked by we constantly had to rearrange appointments and bring our closing time earlier and earlier. We rescheduled everyone at the practice, and got thrust into ‘lockdown’ – We had to adapt.

At home we had been talking about getting a puppy for a long time, but weren’t going to do so until after our planned trip to America at the end of March. Once we found out that was cancelled, our intended “puppy parenthood” was suddenly brought forward. (If you haven’t “met” Mylo yet, you can do so here:

This past week we’ve had broken sleep, early mornings and lots of training sessions which got me thinking……..puppies adapt so quickly……new people, new homes, new foods, new commands etc.

Why is this relevant?

With everything that has happened recently our ability to adapt is key to how we get through the next few months.

Charles Darwin himself said “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change”.

This is simply because he who reacts to their environment best, will thrive where others won’t.

Every thing we do influences the nervous system to create a change or shift. We often see people at Care For Health because their nervous system and body’s ability to change or adapt is exceeded. What happens is that over time, stressors from trauma, toxins/diet, and emotional stress create a shift towards a sympathetic (fight-or-flight) state. Basically, subluxation = stuck in a stressful state. When you are in this constant sympathetic state your body is working over time, over-exhausted, and unable to adapt and move back towards balance. In this state, it only takes a small issue for things to go really bad. I’m not just talking about just your back hurting either. I’m talking about chronic fatigue, prolonged emotional stress, anxiety, and depression.

If we allow ourselves to become stressed, inactive, eat poorly, our bodies will shift into a physiological (unconscious) state of stress which can lead to bigger heart issues further down the road.
This email is intended to be Part 1 of a series of blogs about our ability to adapt, how our nervous system controls the whole process, and how you can stay as well as possible during this current crisis and also after the lockdown has lifted.

For now though, stay safe and well and look out for the next instalment.

Yours in health