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Our Top 5 Chiropractic FAQs

June 30th 2021

Always wondered why joints pop, how long you need to continue to see the Chiropractor

So, kicking us off, in no particular order…

1. Is it a pinched nerve?

Yes possibly, but most likely no. Sometimes if there is a disc bulge, or the possibility of severe arthritis/degeneration then there could be a physical pressure “pinching” the nerve and causing pain (local or radiating), pins and needles, muscle weakness or numbness. More often than not though, joint restrictions cause an inflammatory response which interferes with the communication of the nerve to the brain, muscles, skin or organs. This is what creates a lot of the symptoms and is therefore often, incorrectly, referred to as a pinched nerve.

2. What’s happening when my joints pop?

Most of your joints sit within a pressurised capsule which is filled with fluid. The fluid lubricates the joint and is produced by the cartilage lining the bones of the joint. When the fluid is produced though, gas is created as a by-product. As your joint is put under tension during an adjustment, a negative pressure occurs in the joint, causing this gas to form a bubble. When the quick adjustment happens, the bubble is popped causing a noise and the gas diffuses back into the fluid of the joint.

3. Do I always need to see a Chiropractor?

Your care is always your choice but there are a number of reasons you should continue to see a Chiropractor after your initial problem has been resolved. Regular, ongoing Chiropractic care is a great way to maintain the progress you’ve already made, reduce the likelihood of having further issues/injuries and also get you back to a higher level of health should any issues arise. If Chiropractic care allows you to function at your best, surely it’s a good thing to continue to do? For me, Chiropractic is a lifestyle choice similar to eating healthy or exercising regularly, so I choose to get adjusted weekly, whether I have an issue or not. Why not check out my YouTube video HERE for a more detailed explanation.

4. What caused the problem?

The honest answer is it’s always difficult to say. Our lives are a constant source of stress; be it emotional, nutritional or physical stress. In terms of physical stress, we often put too much pressure on our spines/joints due to previous traumas (falls, slips, knocks, bumps, breaks etc), poor posture (sitting all day at a computer or slouching on a sofa) or bad habits (bending over rather than squatting down to lift things). As we load our spines with this pressure, we gradually cause stiffness in the joints leading to restriction and sometimes pain. If we do this enough, it becomes a bit like the straw that broke the camel’s back and our body’s can no longer tolerate or adapt to the pressure. This is normally when people call us, but what if that call was made before the breaking point….?

5. Were you scared the first time you adjusted someone’s neck?

I think a neck adjustment is perceived to be far rougher than it actually is. The movement itself is actually very small and less than what you would do if someone shouted your name and you whipped your head round quickly. But because someone else is doing it for you it becomes harder to relax and also feels “bigger” than it really is. At university we trained for 4 years to become Chiropractors and do exactly these adjustments, so when we got the opportunity to do so we were raring to go. Personally, when I get adjusted, the neck adjustment is the one I look forward to most, but I appreciate it’s not always for everyone.

So I hope you learned something from these.

If you have a question of your own, let us know and we’ll do our best to answer it.

Yours in health