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Marks’s New Year Newsletter

January 4th 2024

I guess any good January email should start with a Happy New Year and congratulations for making it through another one. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed some well earned time off.

When I wrote last year’s New Year newsletter, it was all about books and what I’d learnt in the year. This year, I didn’t quite manage to get through as many as I did in 2022; only 16.5 in 2023. I had such good feedback about that newsletter that I was hoping to build it into something bigger and more regular. A kind of book summary from my perspective to tell you what I’d learnt and why you might want to read it, or what you could gain from it. 

And as all good New Year’s “resolutions” go, I started with good intentions and never managed it fully. Mainly because the majority of the time I spend listening to books is in the car and naturally it’s quite hard to summarize my takeaways and thoughts whilst driving. There are apps that do this already in case you’re interested (Blinkist being one). I do intend to continue this in some form though, even if just to make reference to a great book here or there and suggest that you read it too (if applicable).

To be completely honest, I actually only read 1 health related book in 2023 anyway, which by the way, everyone should read; The Glucose Revolution by Jesse Inchauspe. (Thank you JC for the recommendation).

It’s a fantastic insight into controlling blood sugar, but not necessarily by limiting what we are eating, but also by considering the way/order in which we are eating things.
Having paid for an audible subscription for years (which is where I do most of my listening), I recently learnt that I needn’t have bothered. I recently learnt a little known fact that most audiobooks are included in Spotify premium for FREE, which we subscribe to at CFH. So if you also have spotify premium, then you can can listen to this for free as well:

In case you’d like some other recommendations:

Breath – James Nestor:

Why We Sleep – Matthew Walker:

12 Rules For Life – Jordan B Peterson:

As we look forward to 2024 at Care For Health, we hope to continue to bring some new and exciting things to the practice, including an app. This should make it easier for you to book or change appointments and even check in when you arrive at CFH for your appointment. We’re still in the process of bringing this up to speed and getting it set up, but we hope to have it available for you all soon.

So I wish you all a happy New Year and we look forward to seeing you again at CFH very soon.

Mark Fairclough, MChiro, DC